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Frequently Asked Questions!

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“Accubrew is a subscription service because we value your privacy. AccuBrew will never use invasive ads or collect, share, or sell personal information to cover the costs of server space, support, or backend development. What’s yours is yours!”

What Is Accubrew?

Accubrew is an analyzer designed specifically for the craft brewer. Accubrew takes all measurements from inside the tank, during the fermentation process.

How does it work?

Accubrew uses wireless sensors designed by Gulf Photonics, experts in the field of fiberoptic cables and sensors, to record and monitor data such as fermentation profile, clarity, temperature and unfiltered SRM during the fermentation process. This data is conveniently displayed on easy-to-read charts on a cloud-based user interface which can be accessed remotely anytime.

Where is it made?

Accubrew products are proudly designed and assembled in Oldsmar Florida, USA.

Is my data secure?

The data is stored in encrypted, cloud-based storage.

What kind of network connection is required?

A 2.4Ghz wireless network with port 5683 open. 5Ghz are incompatible with the current Probe (future version may support 5Ghz).

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