Brewery Monitoring System

Monitor Your Brews From Anywhere.

AccuBrew helps brewers, just like you, turn tanks faster and provides the most valuable insights from inside the tank, which prevents costly mistakes and ruined batches.

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What is AccuBrew?

AccuBrew is a secure, data-driven service engineered to give brewers precision, real-time monitoring of what’s happening inside their tanks.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor sugar conversion, clarity, temperature, and SRM – without ever taking a sample or visiting a lab. You can also track and view post-fermentation additions like nibs, hops, or fruit.


Get Eyes in the Tank

Turn tanks faster by seeing exactly when fermentation is done. Identify irregularities before they become problems.


Real-Time Data When You Need It

Save time by getting live updates on your computer or phone – no matter the time of day. Set reminders and alerts to help keep beer healthy and avoid the potential process, material, or equipment issues.


Our Cloud-Based System Offers an easy Digital Way To Track Every Moment.

24/7 eyes on your fermenters, relative sugar conversion, clarity, SRM, and internal tank temperature.

Our Features

Data you can brew with. 


The AccuBrew sensor mounts into your fermentation tank’s 1.5” sanitary fitting.


Bring the AccuBrew User Interface experience into your tasting room via TV monitors to include your customers in the brewing process.


Use your existing WiFi connection to seamlessly set up and connect AccuBrew to your network so that you can access your probe via the AccuBrew cloud.


Sensor is equipped with battery backup and offline storage.

Best Solution for your Brewery

The numbers speak for themselves.

Pints Saved

Perfect Brews

Total Tanks

The Insights

Data you can brew with. Secure, real-time information from inside your tanks, direct from the cloud to your phone or computer anywhere, anytime. 

Simple Pricing

Choose your Plan

From massive operations to local microbreweries, we’re here to help brewers of all sizes and budgets. With AccuBrew, you can find the plan that works for you.




1 AccuBrew Sensor

24/7 Access

Online Portal


1 Year Warranty

60 Day Guarantee




1 AccuBrew Sensor

24/7 Membership Access

Online Portal


1 Year Warranty

60 Day Guarantee



$41.25 for 12/mo

1 AccuBrew Sensor

24/7 Access

Online Portal


1 Year Warranty

60 Day Guarantee


Happy Clients 

See what other brewers are saying about our tank monitoring system. 

 “I had to dump a batch because of a temperature problem. If I had the Accubrew probe; I could have gotten an alert on my phone, come in, checked everything, and saved that batch”


Alex Garcia – Head Brewer at Mad Beach


“Living in Florida, we have hurricanes here, so we were able to log in and check the tanks remotely. To make sure we didn’t lose power and makes sure the batches weren’t ruined during the storm.” 

WayneBrewer at Mastery’s Brewing